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Radiant Integrative Health Club
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Medical Clinic Louisville KY

Radiant Integrative Health Club is an exceptional health, wellness, and medical clinic in Louisville, KY, providing unparalleled medical services to those living in and around our community. We are a patient-focused medical center that uses research-based integrative medicine as a foundation for treatment. Our staff includes chiropractors, massage therapists, nurses, and several other medical professionals who work together as a team to provide personalized healthcare and formulate solutions that actually work with each patient's lifestyle. 

Some of our premier services include:
  • Medical - Our medical department is focused on preventative treatment plans involving natural and herbal therapies from a trained nutritionist. We also use some traditional methods to treat illness or disease so you'll always have the option to choose the treatment direction that feels right for you. From medical weight loss programs and nutrition coaching to hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, our medical center does it all.

  • Chiropractic - This treatment can be used to improve your overall health and wellness, diagnose illness, and prevent injury in the future. Whether you suffer from headaches or you have chronic back pain, our team of chiropractors and medical providers will work together to give you the best possible treatment options available in the area.

  • Aesthetics - As you age, your skin forms fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes that are hard to hide. If you're ready to rejuvenate your skin and revitalize your confidence, our skin care services are perfect for you. All of our services are performed by certified clinicians with years of experience so you know you're in the best hands possible when you choose our medspa. 

  • Massage - Did you know massage can reduce stress, release tension in the muscles, increase blood circulation and figuratively "reset" your body so it can naturally heal itself? Our licensed massage therapists would be happy to help you with any issues you may be having. From migraines to strained muscles, we can help you feel a difference in just a few minutes. 
Give our medical spa a call at (502) 410-0191.

We combine traditional medicine and research based integrative medicine to nourish the entire being of our patients in a pleasant setting. Our comprehensive wellness approach provides: chiropractic care, massage therapy, integrative/traditional medicine, and aesthetics.

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